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1- Assocciat professor, Orthopedics research center, School of Medicine, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rasht, Iran. (Corresponding author) Tel: +98 13 33113311 Email:dr_msoleimanha@yahoo.com
2- Assistant professor, Orthopedics research center, School of Medicine, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rasht, Iran
3- General practitioner, Guilan University of Medical Sciences, Rasht, Iran
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  Background & Aim: Osteoporosis as a progressive disorder confronts women with many problems. The aim of this study was to determine the level of knowledge, attitude and performance about osteoporosis in over 45 year old women referred to general clinics of Poursina and Razi hospital of Rasht city.

  Material & Methods: It was a descriptive, cross- sectional study. The sample consisted of 288 women (125 premenopausal, 45-54 year old and 163 post-menopausal and over 54 year) who were recruited by simple random sampling. Data was collected by a self-administered questionnaire and analyzed by chi-square test using SPSS-PC (v. 19).

  Results: The women’s mean score of knowledge was 8 (from a scale of 10), attitude was 4.5 (from a scale of 5) and practice was 2.3 (from a scale of 4). Knowledge and attitudes increased with increasing levels of education, better jobs and location of living (P=0.001). Also good level of awareness was higher in persons aged 45 to 54 years (P=0.001). Women’s practice was associated with personal or family history of Osteoporosis (P=0.001).

  Conclusion: The knowledge and attitudes of osteoporosis in women over 45 years was desirable, but their practice towards the prevention of this disease was poor and requires assessing the factors involved.

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Type of Study: Research | Subject: nursing
Received: 2014/08/28 | Accepted: 2014/11/27 | Published: 2014/11/27

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